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To the Blast Fans, From Sagu

Before I moved to Baltimore I used to live in Dallas and everybody that knows me knows that I always wanted to go back after my retirement from the Blast.  Dallas is the city that I have chosen to live in here in the USA.  So now that I was ready to play my last year in Baltimore I get an excellent opportunity to go back and do what I love to do in life (coaching and playing).  I’m a veteran now and I can’t let this opportunity pass.  I’m thinking now about my future of coaching goalkeepers and Dallas has great opportunities.  I’m going to miss playing for the Blast.  The fans and the organization of this place, so many friends I made.  But that’s life, everything has its time and I really enjoyed my time here.  I would like to make it clear that I’m leaving the Baltimore Blast with no resentment.  This is the choice I made for my future.

To Ed Hale:
I would like to thank you Mr. Ed Hale for being supportive and for having trust in me.  I really appreciate having the opportunity to play for the Blast.  You have my respect and my admiration.

To Kevin Healey:
Thank you for your dedication and for being supportive and fair and for all the advice you gave me all these years.  

To Danny Kelly, David Bascome, Karim Moumban and teammates: 
Thank you for believing in me and for making a great environment.  Thank you to my teammates from the past and the present for all the achievements.  And a special thank you to Karim Moumban my goalkeeper coach.  Without him I would never reach the success.  Always motivation and training hard.  Thank you for everything you have done for me.  

And one more time I will be forever grateful for my fans for being so supportive, for being on my side, winning or losing and always giving me encouragement.  There are no words to show you all my appreciation.

Thank you



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