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January 4th, 2014



Diego Zuniga and Mike Lookingland Record Hat Tricks
The Blast beat the Pennsylvania Roar 16-5 tonight and won their 6th consecutive game this season.  After defeating the Comets last night, the Blast went 2-0 at home this weekend. Baltimore is now 7-2 and is currently in second place in the MISL.
The Blast kept the ball in their offensive end for the majority of the first quarter but were unable to score.  At the end of the first quarter the Blast and Roar were tied 0-0. In the second quarter the Blast picked up the momentum and Diego Zuniga got on the board first off an assist from Lucio Gonzaga, 3 minutes after the start. Zuniga scored again at 10:28 off an assist from Lucas Roque. Two minutes later Adriano Dos Santos assisted Lucio Gonzaga and the Blast went into halftime leading the Roar 6-0.
Captain Mike Lookingland started the third quarter off strong after he scored his first 2-point goal of the season 35 seconds into the second half. Lookingland wasted no time and got on the board again three minutes later off an assist from Marco Mangione. JerJer Gibson scored first for the Comets at 7:40 on the clock assisted by Eric Franks. Drew Yates got his third goal of the season at 4:29 assisted by Aduato Neto . Stephen DeRoux had a great pass Diego Zuniga in front of the cage with 2 minutes left in the quarter and assisted his third goal of the night. At the end of the 3rd quarter the Blast was ahead of the Roar 14-2.
Mike Lookingland continued his scoring streak in the fourth quarter and became the second Blast player of the night to record a hat trick. Marco Mangoine assisted Lookingland’s third goal with 4:14 on the clock. With 7 seconds left in the game Comet’s Ptah Meyers scored an unassisted 3-point goal. The Blast defeated the Roar for the 4th time this season and the final score was 16-5.
Diego Zuniga and Mike Lookingland’s hat tricks led the Blast’s offense tonight while Pat Healey and Troy Hernandez led the defense. Healey recorded 4 Blocks and Hernandez had 6 saves. After having back-to back games this weekend, the Blast has a bye week and plays their next game at home January 17th against St. Louis.
Scoring Summary:
              1      2    3     4    F
Blast:   0     6     8    2    16
Roar:   0     0     2     3     5
Upcoming Games:
Friday, January 17th vs. St. Louis, 7:35pm
Sunday, January 19th @ Syracuse, 1:00pm
Friday, January 24th vs. Syracuse, 7:35pm
Saturday, January 25th vs. Rochester, 7:35
Photos Taken By: David Ripetto 

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