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May 19, 2014 - BALTIMORE - The top professional indoor soccer teams from across the United States and Mexico have come together to create a new super league.  These teams which had previously played in the MISL (Major Indoor Soccer League) and PASL (Professional Arena Soccer League) have combined to form the Major Arena Soccer League.  The league currently has 24 teams with the possibility of adding more teams prior to the June 1, 2014 deadline established by the league to play in the 2014/2015 season.  The following teams are in the league:


1)      Baltimore Blast

9)      Las Vegas Legends

17)   San Diego Sockers

2)      Brownsville Barracudas

10)   Mexico Toros

18)   St. Louis Ambush

3)      Chicago Mustangs

11)   Milwaukee Wave

19)   Syracuse Silver Knights

4)      Cincinnati Saints

12)   Missouri Comets

20)   Tacoma Stars

5)      Dallas Sidekicks

13)   Monterrey Flash

21)   Texas Strikers

6)      Detroit Waza Flo

14)   Ontario Fury

22)   Tulsa Revolution

7)      Harrisburg Heat

15)   Rochester Lancers

23)   Turlock Express

8)      Hildago La Fiera

16)   Saltillo Rancho Seco

24)   Wichita B52’s


The Major Arena Soccer League will play 20 regular season games and the teams will divided into multiple divisions based on geography.  Three teams from each division will make the play-offs.  Team schedules will be released at the beginning of September along with the play-off format.  The inaugural game for the league will take place on October 25, 2014 between the Dallas Sidekicks and last year’s MISL champion Missouri Comets.  League play-offs will be concluded in March.


The Major Arena Soccer League has also named its officers with Ed Hale from the Baltimore Blast as Chairman of the Board and Kevin Milliken is the Commissioner of the League.  Brad Likens from Missouri Comets has been named the Secretary and Phil Salvagio from San Diego  Sockers is the Treasurer.


Several exciting elements will be released in mid-June, such as the new league logo, rules, the list of divisions and other key components that will shape the future of the sport of indoor soccer.


Ed Hale, Chairman of the League stated “I am pleased as an owner and Chairman of the newly formed league that we have the framework for a “super” league that will foster expansion, a TV deal and national sponsors.  It has been tough to get this far.  We have had collegial talks with a group of well-meaning partners.


Commissioner Kevin Milliken commented “I am proud of how fast we were able to put this deal together, how much true passion everyone has for our sport, and how everyone has come together to make this great day in our sport happen.”




For additional MASL media information, contact Kevin Milliken at (530) 321-9061.

For Baltimore Blast media information, contact Kevin Healey at (410) 410-558-4120



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