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Jersey Auction

 Do you want to take home a game worn Baltimore Blast Jersey?

Our end of season jersey auction begins today!

Bid on your favorite players jersey by emailing

Bidding starts at $100 
All bids will be accepted until Friday, April 3rd at 12 noon


0 William Vanzela

2 Jamie Darvill 
4 Diego Zuniga 
7 Levi Houpeau 
8 Lucas Roque
9 Pat Healey 
11 Tony Donatelli 
12 Adriano Dos Santos 
13 Lucio Gonzaga 
14 Onua Obasu 
15 Adauto Neto 
16 Max Ferdinand 
19 Jerjer Gibson 
20 Mike Deasel 
22 Juan Pereira 
23 Jonatas Melo 
24 Drew Ruggles 
25 Karou Forbess 
28 Vini Dantas


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Baltimore, MD 21237

Phone: 410-73-BLAST