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Blast Team Up With Maryland City Elementary


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Blast finalize week long activities at Maryland City Elementary

The Blast will be at Maryland City Elementary Friday, June 12th from 6-7:30p.m. for a community event that will include soccer volleyball and Blast vs. teachers, students and parents. This is a fun event to display teamwork and teach kids the importance of working together to reach their goals.

Maryland City is located at 3359 Crumpton S, Laurel, MD, 20724


Baltimore, MD --- The Baltimore Blast take pride in being involved in the community year round through play appearances, school programs, summer camps, and much more. This week the Blast were fortunate enough to be able to visit Maryland City Elementary school to spend a week with children and help incorporate soccer into the class room. Through a variety of activities the Blast were able to create a relationship with the school and students that we are extremely proud of.


The subjects that the Blast took part in included field day, physical education, media, art, reading, and music. The Blast members spent every morning with the students in different classrooms and participating in various activities. Each day was a new opportunity to teach different classes about the importance of education and the ways soccer could be included in education.


The week kicked off with every middle school child’s favorite day, field day. William Vanzela and Tony Donatelli led shooting and dribbling stations as students, some of who had never kicked a ball before, had the opportunity to learn the basic skills of soccer. Tuesday focused more on being in the classroom but students were excited to be able to spend the day learning their normal subjects with soccer themes. Jamie Darvill represented the Blast as the physical education classes were treated to Darvill playing ‘pirate soccer’ and teaching students about the importance of being active. Later in the afternoon music class showed how soccer has rhythm as Jamie bounced soccer balls off of his knees, head, and feet demonstrating how different song notes lasted different times. In the art room kids were taught about drawing in motion as each student drew his and her portrait of a soccer player kicking a ball. Yesterday Pat Healey and Mike Deasel came in for a big 4th and 5th grade class vs. Blast players and faculty kickball game. Despite Healey kicking for the cycle the students were able to rally and defeat the staff 15-14. After kickball, the art class used clay to create models while down the hall in the media center players read books to students while answering questions about what they studied in school and their paths to becoming professional soccer players.


Today, students in music class practiced singing the National Anthem while other students read soccer related books. All of this soccer preparation is leading up to a major event, the big game. On Friday, June 12th  from 6-7:30 the Maryland City and Blast communities will come together for a soccer volleyball match and other soccer activities which will include players, staff, students, and parents. This event is a fun way to show the Blast using teamwork while teaching important values to students as they reach for their goals.


The Blast would like to again thank the Maryland City Elementary School staff and students for inviting us to their school. In particular the Blast would like to thank Dave Kellett (physical education), Nicole Bechtel (art), Betsy Brininger (music), Robin Smith (media), Stacy Cornetti (reading), and Laura Cooke (principal). It was such a great experience getting to see each one of these individuals bring excitement to the classroom every day and they helped make our week a huge success. If your school or organization is interested in having the Blast make an appearance please contact Mike Conway at 410-558-4292 or


Media members who would like to cover the event or for more information please contact Stephen Cooke at 410-558-4295 or   .   



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