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Pat Healey Featured in Legendary Locals of Bel Air Book

 Pat Healey Featured in Legendary Locals of Bel Air Book

Book to be released July 4th


Blast captain and MASL Defender of the Year, Pat Healey, was one of over 100 Bel Air residents who were chosen to be honored in an upcoming book ‘Legendary Locals of Bel Air”. Below is a press release leading up to the July 4th release date.


Meet over 100 memorable Bel Air residents, past and present

Legendary Locals of Bel Air by two local authors, is released by Arcadia Publishing


(Bel Air, Maryland, June 16, 2016) For a small town, Bel Air, Maryland possesses a rich history of remarkable artists, athletes, politicians, military leaders, heroes, entrepreneurs and generally colorful characters. In their new book, Legendary Locals of Bel Air (Arcadia Publishing) authors Carol Deibel and Kathi Santora introduce readers to the faces and stories of many of these memorable individuals.


Notable residents and workers from Bel Air span the centuries from Wiliam Paca, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and Maryland Civil War Governor Augustus Bradford to present day legends such as WLIF radio personality Diane Lyn, internationally recognized artist Jim Butcher, Baltimore Blast defender Pat Healey and Kimmie Meissner, the youngest member of the 2006 U.S. Olympic team.


“The extraordinary thing about writing Legendary Locals of Bel Air was not just that we found over 100 Bel Air people with extraordinary lives and stories. We were in awe to find that that we could have added dozens more, if space permitted,” said Santora, a Bel Air-based freelance writer and photographer. 


Legendary Locals of Bel Air contains nine chapters of historic and current photographs that highlight people who were farmers, pioneers, artists, politicians, career military and sports figures. There are accounts of bravery, such as when volunteer firefighter Walt Holloway entered a burning Main Street apartment to save a 69-year-old woman. Hannah Moore, an African American woman who was a business owner and land owner in the 1930s, donated property and funds to build a school to ensure that children received a quality education. The restored building still stands today.


“Bel Air was carved out of a wilderness,” says Deibel, also the author of Bel Air Chronicles, a local history of the town. “Since then, our residents have continually reinvented themselves and the town with accomplishments in farming, the military, the arts and in business. Our residents, past and present, have been remarkable. They are why we are still a thriving town today.”


View a preview of Legendary Locals of Bel Air on Facebook. Purchase at upcoming events, area bookstores, independent retailers, online retailers, or at  Carol Deibel is the former Director of Planning for the Town of Bel Air. She is the author of Bel Air Chronicles. Kathi Santora is a Bel Air-based freelance writer who owns The Writing Studio, which produces newsletters, feature articles and print/online marketing copy. 



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